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A Year in Review at Land Collective

The Ironworks at Pencoyd Landing, winner of the Architects Newspaper Best Of Design Award in the Urban Design category

As 2021 comes to a close, we’d like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for our collaborators and supporters, as well as share some of the good that’s happened in our studio this year:

Excerpts on project vision taken from the Revitalization Plan for the Former Oaktree Site, including quotes from Far Eastside residents

Amongst our most passionate projects this year, we are especially proud of our Revitalization Plan for the Former Oaktree Site in the Far Eastside of Indianapolis undertaken on behalf of the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development. Completed in November, this endeavor empowered citizenry to participate in and steer the future vision for their neighborhood. Beginning in 2019, Land Collective, in collaboration with Meticulous Design + ArchitectureEngaging SolutionsHerd StrategiesGreen StreetPolicy Analytics, and Shrewsbury Engineering, embarked on the planning process to create a community-driven, implementation-minded vision to inform future development for the 19-acre former apartment complex that had suffered years of disinvestment and dilapidation. Dialogue and repeat engagement with current Far Eastside residents and key stakeholders were essential to the process, involving virtual public meetings and Community Conversations conducted in Spanish, French, and English, to ensure the plan reflected and prioritized the needs of the existing community. The resulting plan combines stakeholder input with market analysis to guide the City of Indianapolis in the development of the Oaktree site that is of and for the Far Eastside community.