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ASLA Panel: “Food For Thought” is in the Blogosphere…

LAND COLLECTIVE premiered at this year’s ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo, exploring how public productive landscapes can positively appreciate the value of culture in a cosmopolitan setting. David Rubin, Principal of LAND COLLECTIVE, curated a panel, entitled “Food For Thought: Productive Landscapes in the Public Realm.” He was joined by Claire Baker, the Director of Garden Programs at the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society; and Luisa Oliveira, Senior Planner for Landscape Design in the City of Somerville and writer of the Somerville Urban Ag blog. With various roles in the establishment of spaces for urban agriculture, the panel discussed the use of productive landscapes to re-condition the civic experience, establish community, and inform societal health and vigor. By example, Rubin presented Eskenazi Health Hospital’s Sky Farm (pictured above), a productive landscape atop the Clinic Building of Indianapolis’ newly opened public hospital farmed by Growing Places Indy.