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Camana Bay: Sea to Sound

LAND COLLECTIVE has been collaborating with Dart Realty, DECCO Ltd, and APEC engineering in developing plans to realize the ambitious goal of “sea to sound connectivity” for Camana Bay on the Cayman Islands – a 600-acre town on Grand Cayman’s northwestern side. A linear landscape over structure will connect the existing Camana Bay Town Center to a mixed-use village at Seven Mile Beach, which will soon include a five-star hotel and development with offices, retail, condominiums, and restaurants.  This linear landscape transitions pedestrians from the Town Center to an overlook, with vehicular traffic passing underneath. Infrastructure was seen as an armature for future development and a social spine; its design includes a series of spaces along a linear park and art installation at the underpass, helping to create a safe and joyful experience through the downtown.

The initial phase of work which includes this linear landscape is scheduled to be completed in 2016. Read more on the development at the Cayman Compass, both here and here.