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Fleet of Audis Takes First Drive through Esterley Tibbetts Highway Underpass

Designed by DAVID RUBIN Land Collective, Grand Cayman’s new Esterley Tibbetts Highway Underpass was unveiled to the public last month as a trio of Audis operated by Camana Bay tenant Arch Automotive became the first non-construction cars to drive through the structure. Integrally woven into the fabric of Camana Bay, the underpass lifts the landscape over the Esterley Tibbets Highway to connect sea and sound. Land Collective’s design includes a dynamic pattern for interior walls that establishes a playful character, emphasizing simplicity of form.

In the video below from Arch and developer Dart Real Estate, you can watch the fleet – consisting of the Audi R8, TT, and A5 – as it makes the inaugural vehicular journey through the underpass, the first of its kind on Grand Cayman.