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LAND COLLECTIVE in FORBES: “USA: The United States of Design?”

In ForbesThinktopia founder Patrick Hanlon, writes about the value of design in contemporary American culture, from pop icons like Coca-Cola, the iPhone, and Levis, to the positive impact design can have on every segment of our society. In “USA: The United States of Design?,” the author interviews Michael Bierut of Pentagram, and David Rubin of LAND COLLECTIVE, along with LAND COLLECTIVE client, Matthew Gutwein, President and CEO of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County. In collaboration with HOK Architects and an extended creative team, Eskenazi Hospital’s new campus and commons was designed by Rubin while Partner and Co-Owner of Olin, and at the client’s request, LAND COLLECTIVE continues to advise and inform the design of the project as it moves through construction.