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Grand Junction Plaza Progress

The first phase of Grand Junction Plaza was completed this month, with the project immediately moving on to phase two. Phase one brought about the expansion of Mill Street, with the Mill Street Underpass and overlook, as well as the beginning of the Grassy Branch Creek restoration and stabilization. The Mill Street expansion has already improved traffic conditions in the area and is generating excitement among residents about the future Grand Junction Plaza.

From the Mill Street overlook, a full panoramic view of the future Grand Junction Plaza can be enjoyed. The underpass below celebrates the stream restoration, with its riffle and pools, while also providing full connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians to the trail system beyond.

As phase two begins, the focus will be on completing the stream restoration and stabilization of the Grassy Branch Creek, with additional J-hooks, Cross-Vanes, and riffles and pools being constructed within the park extents. The stream restoration work will aid erosion control within Grand Junction Plaza, while also providing park amenity. DAVID RUBIN Land Collective and team have just completed construction documentation for Grand Junction Plaza, with construction itself to begin soon. For more information about the exciting progress of Grand Junction Plaza, see this article on Current in Westfield.