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Hello, Yale School of Management

After many years of anticipation, Yale University School of Management’s Edward P. Evans Hall (Yale SOM) has opened its doors. Working in collaboration with Foster + Partners, David Rubin designed the courtyard and grounds of Evans Hall while partner at Olin. The primary focus of the design effort was to create an environment of learning that promotes interaction and the exchange of ideas. The interior courtyard for the building is located above a 350-seat auditorium. Interior classrooms are in the form of bright blue drums, which shape a sinuous façade expression on the interior courtyard.  The building’s interior is further enlivened with murals from Sol Lewitt and Swiss artist Adrian Scheiss.


What continues to intrigue us at LAND COLLECTIVE about this project is how the landscape of the campus can become a place that both supports a curriculum and connects its students. Though this new building is equipped with the newest technology, including multimedia displays and simultaneous translation video conferencing, the act of social connection endures as the element which creates transformational moments of growth and learning. We hope that in some small way, the landscape at Yale SOM will be a place that connects big thinkers, allowing Yale’s alum to become entrepreneurs, help spark the next social revolution, or creatively dream of innovations that help solve some of the world’s greatest challenges.

We look forward to seeing the space in the springtime, when Yale students emerge from this winter’s deep freeze. In the meantime, we would like to thank Yale University, Foster + Partners Architects and the rest of our design team for creating such a wonderful place for students to learn and collaborate.