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Henry Moll Cited in July’s LAM!

Cummins planDAVID RUBIN Land Collective’s resident visionary tech guru, humanist, and designer, Henry Moll, is cited in Landscape Architecture Magazine‘s article, “Follow The Script: Computation Reshapes Landscapes – And Thinking.” Writer Chris Bentley sought out Moll’s engagement for the piece, to join the voices of Harvard Graduate School of┬áDesign’s Masters Degree Program Director, Bradley Cantrell, and HGSD Assistant Dean, Steve Ervin, to share thoughts on the growing link between computational logic and coding in the design process. Henry’s use of new coding methodologies can be seen in the design of several of LC’s projects, including the new Cummins DBU Headquarters (above), and the University of Pennsylvania’s new innovation campus, Pennovation Works, among others.

Congratulations, Henry!

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective’s studio is recognized for our complementary use of new technologies and “old-fashioned” analog design tools. Our process ranges from sketching on trace to program coding and the use of our drone (aptly named “Joe Drone”), as well as time lapse photography, and even drawing three-dimensionally in virtual reality. Though these digital technologies are not always our final deliverables, we recognize that they enhance the design and planning process, and also lend themselves to new models of representation.