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June at GALLERY Land Collective:
MIA ROSENTHAL: Earth, sky, present, past

From June 7 to July 5, GALLERY Land Collective will present MIA ROSENTHAL: Earth, sky, present, past.

The drawings of Philadelphia-based artist Mia Rosenthal invoke a long human history of rendering the world by hand. Focusing on cosmology, time, discovery, invention, and the intersection of the natural and man-made world, Rosenthal’s works are grounded in a fundamental human experience that dates back some 30,000 years: observing, processing information, and then picking up a tool to draw it in one’s own hand, with one’s own voice. Fascinated by and drawing from the real world, Rosenthal connects us to this flow of time and experience, going beyond mere duplication to explore, learn, select, organize, and build with mark making. Earth, sky, present, past features new and recent works. Please join us for the show’s opening reception on First Friday, June 7, 6–8pm!


(Image: Mia Rosenthal, Life on Earth, 2015–2018)