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Land Collective at the 2017 ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo

Land Collective will be represented at the ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo this year, with many talks throughout the weekend. Our collaborators and friends are welcome to stop in and be part of many of the critical dialogues taking place this weekend.


Friday 10/20, 10:30-12:00 PM / FRI-B02, Room 402
In Anaheim, The City of Kindness: One Mayor’s Approach to the Public Realm with fellow presenters Tom Tait (Mayor of Anaheim, California) and Trinity Simons (Executive Director, Mayors’ Institute On City Design), Land Collective principal David Rubin will examine how, in an era of nationalism and xenophobia, empathy — and empathetic design — can unify citizenry. The session will take a deep dive into Anaheim’s adoption of “kindness” as a guiding principle of governance for a diverse constituency in need of common connection, and explore how mayors all over the country are acting to promote the public realm and livability for all citizens.


Friday 10/20, 3:30-5:00 PM / FRI-D10, Room 406
As moderator for LA LA LAND(scape): Reflections of the Urban Landscape, David Rubin will guide a discussion of the representation and engagement of landscape, unfiltered or imaginary, in art and the urban environment with panelists Professor Stan Bertheaud (Woodbury University), photographer Sahar-Coston-Hardy, and artist Ned Kahn.


Saturday 10/21, 11:00-12:30 PM, SAT0A02, Room 408A
Rubin will serve as moderator for the panel discussion America: Landscape, Art and Identity.  Rubin and panelists Thomas Woltz (Nelson Byrd Woltz), Brie Hensold (Sasaki), and Isabel Zempel (Sasaki) will explore the interrelation and expression of fine art and landscape in both historic and current contexts through the works of Frederic Church at Olana and Donald Judd at Marfa.


Sunday 10/22, 2:30-4:00, SUN-B10, Room 407
Using various focuses of the profession, Communicate + Collaborate: Putting Words to Action for Better examines external (clients, community, consultants, etc.) and internal office experience and methodologies, putting collaboration to action. Exploring her interest in relational design and empathy, Laura Stedenfeld uses her own approach to candid conversation and emotional connection to discuss internal communication within design studios. Using Land Collective as a laboratory, she uses data to discover social patterns for successful (and unsuccessful!) collaboration and communication.


Monday 10/23, 1:30-3:00 PM / MON-C08, Room 408B
Designing for Demographic Change—Challenges and Opportunities Associated with Cultural Shifts will consider how landscape architects work in places of cultural and demographic change. Moderated by Diana Fernandez (Sasaki), David Rubin and fellow panelists Kona Gray (EDSA) and Mia Lehrer (Mia Lehrer + Associates) will provide a candid look into their recent work, and the interconnected relationship between demographic change and landscape architectural design.