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Land Collective at the 2021 ASLA Conference + New Studio Members

Land Collective is excited to be presenting at the 2021 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture on November 19th-22nd in Nashville, expanding upon the studio’s empathy driven design approach, enabling the creation of landscapes that resonate in both the hearts and minds of the constituency they are intended to serve. Rachel Spencer and Brian Staresnick will be participating in a “Deep Dive” on the Old Redford LINK Land Stewardship & Neighborhood Plan in Detroit, while Founding Principal David Rubin will be presenting the studio’s work at Eskenazi Health Hospital in Indianapolis. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

Old Redford LINK: Exploring Equity, Engagement and Empowerment in Northwest Detroit

Supported by a progressive City planning department empowering citizenry through equitable decision-making, the Northwest Detroit neighborhood of Old Redford is hitting its stride through community-led initiatives. The neighborhood matriarch, a creative place-maker, a Detroit City Planner, and empathy-focused landscape architects explore opportunities for equity, engagement, and empowerment. Speakers will delve deeper into topics including: how Art and Community Driven Initiatives are catalysts for re-activating public spaces, can insight economic investment, and uplift the human experience; the transformational effects on quality of life and neighborhood identity through land use planning coupled with the empowerment of resident-led initiatives; exploring models of engagement and community-led decision making through the lens of an Empathy Driven Process.

Ensuring Wellness in 21st Century Society: Equity and Inclusion at Eskenazi Health

A long-established public hospital is envisioned anew offering opportunities for wellness strategies on a new campus site. How do you define an environment of inclusive healing that attracts citizens whether seeking hospital services or not? A planner, landscape architect, and visionary physician/CEO share 21st century wellness strategies for civic health. Through this case study, presenters will focus on topics including: how landscape, identity, art and wellness attributes are interwoven to define a comprehensive, inclusive approach to community health; understanding why a hospital would invite a landscape architecture firm to define design guidelines for future growth; the post-construction, positive metrics identified that have reshaped the vision of civic wellness.

Welcoming Three New Land Collective Studio Members

Land Collective is also excited to announce the addition of three new members to our studio:

Christine Marsal
Business Development Advisor
As a collaborator with Land Collective, Christine directs the development strategies for our studio, building and nurturing our client base. With over twenty years of experience working with colleges, universities, government agencies, and arts organizations, she brings a spirited and tailored vision to our outreach and project pursuits.

Martin Jensen Rose
Project Manager, Associate ASLA
Martin is intrigued by the life and identity of urban landscapes. This fascination serves as the foundation of his passion for reimaging public spaces to better serve and reflect the ideals of the communities they call home. He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a minor in Environmental Studies. Raised in the midwest, he is influenced by the vernacular of America’s Middle and builds upon this language as a catalyst for design.

Kate Latimore
Marketing Manager
Kate manages Land Collective’s marketing pursuits and business development, fostering relationships with clients and collaborators. She works with members of the studio to communicate design processes and concepts with clear and captivating language and visuals. Holding a bachelor’s degree from Williams College in art history with a focus in architecture, she is interested in the evolution of built and grown environments overtime to adapt to current needs.