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University of Virginia
Department of Landscape Architecture
Charlottesville, Virginia

LAND COLLECTIVE principal, David Rubin, will be guest critic at the University of Virginia’s Landscape Architecture graduate studio reviews to be held Monday and Tuesday, May 5 and 6.

In collaboration with Department of Architecture Chair Inaki Alday, Merrill D. Peterson Professor of Landscape Architecture Elizabeth Meyer, Associate Professor Julie Bargmann and 2012-2014 Virginia Teaching Fellow Brian Osborn, David will be responding to the students of Nancy Takahashi’s 1st year studio who have concentrated their semester efforts on an urban program redefining the James River Waterfront in Richmond.

In addition, David will participate as a juror on Jorg Sieweke’s 2nd year studio exploring the largely abandoned and contaminated waterfront around the Middle Branch in Baltimore. Students have been asked to respond to the Post-Port and the Next-Port condition (Post-Panamax Port).

And David will work with Osborn’s 3rd year studio which is concentrating on Design Development of past explorations. The studio is an opportunity for students to pursue a design objective (started in either a previous studio or research seminar) with a bias toward technical development and refinement.