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LC’s Amy Syverson Reporting for Land8 at the LAF Summit!

In 1966, a group of leading landscape architects gathered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to make a Declaration of Concern, urging a “new, collaborative effort to improve the American environment and to train a new generation of Americans equipped by education, inspiring example and improved organizations to help create that environment.”

Now, to mark the 50th anniversary of this seminal manifesto, the Landscape Architecture Foundation has invited 65 of the best minds in landscape architecture to make their own Declarations at the LAF Summit in Philadelphia on June 10thand 11th. DAVID RUBIN Land Collective’s own Amy Syverson, will be part of the team reporting on the event for Land8, both live during the event and with posts to follow afterwards. Follow @Land8 to get all the latest this Friday and Saturday, and hope you get to experience this incredible meeting of the minds!