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On Exhibit @ GALLERY Land Collective: Studio Work of the 2018 University of Oregon Overlook Field School

The work of the University of Oregon’s 2018 Overlook Field School is on exhibit at GALLERY Land Collective through October 19th.

Each summer, landscape architecture students from the University of Oregon spend four weeks at Overlook, a 400-acre Olmsted Brothers-designed property in Waverly, Pennsylvania, where they conduct field-based research, and design and create landscape installations to explore complex drivers of landscape change through an annual topic.

The 2018 Overlook Field School cohort considered questions of landscape maintenance – an essential yet often overlooked aspect of landscape architecture practice. The studio developed concepts for problematizing maintenance issues and created prototypes of task-specific landscape tools. The exhibition at GALLERY Land Collective will present the students’ studio efforts, including conceptual work, site plans, and the inventive and sometimes whimsical prototypes they created for maintenance and manipulation of the landscape.

GALLERY Land Collective is a conduit for the representation of thoughtful explorations focused on landscape. We present the work of landscape architects and designers, ecologists, sociologists, anthropologists, artists, and others whose work informs the breadth of the discipline. It is a collective consciousness that raises landscape to the highest ideals. We invite your participation.