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Park(ing) Day 2016 – A Second Golden Cone Award!

LAND COLLECTIVE was honored to win a *second* golden cone award this year for Park(ing) Day 2016! Team leader, Henry Moll, and cohorts and colleagues from LAND COLLECTIVE designed and implemented an “inverted meadow” in front of our studio on Sansom Street. Jon Van Wagoner and Emily Hahn gathered meadow grasses from a rural field, bundled them together with the assistance of their colleagues, Taylor Burgess, Avery Sell, Michelle Woods, Lou Arencibia, and Amy Syverson, and fastened them to a wire mesh suspended from panels that bracketed the new found public space. Visitors lay back on sky-blue outdoor carpeting and white-cloud pillows to observe the display from below. The passing traffic created a gentle breeze for movement that was hypnotizing. Guests were invited to have their picture taken for a Polaroid analog-Instagram posting. Thanks to all our Park(ing) Day 2016 visitors who appreciated the heart-felt effort as much as we did.

Enjoy the images below…

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