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Portland Museum of Art Architalx Lecture Now On Vimeo

David Rubin’s Portland Museum of Art Architalx lecture series presentation, “The City is a Landscape: Empathy, Design and the Space Between Buildings,” is now on DAVID RUBIN Land Collective’s Vimeo site and can be accessed by pressing here.

More people live in urban environments than they have in the history of human habitation. At the same time, the division between those that have more and those that have less is increasing exponentially. It is in the connective tissue of cities – the landscape fabric – where opportunities for creating equity will bring all citizens together in dialogue. In his presentation, “The City is a Landscape: Empathy, Design, and the Space Between Buildings,” David Rubin, founding Principal of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective, explores the landscape of cities, expressions of governance, and connective tissue as the great equalizer. Along the way, he presents notions for raising the collective consciousness, finding opportunities for all in multi-dimensional landscapes, and why Steven Hawking is actually a wannabe landscape architect.