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Reflecting on a Decade in Practice: Our Top Lessons Learned

This year commemorates the 10th anniversary of the founding of DAVID RUBIN Land Collective. Over the past decade, we have gained valuable insights that have shaped and inspired our work. In honor of this milestone, and in collaboration once again with Bruce Mau Design, we are excited to share these lessons with you. Every few weeks, we are posting a lesson on Instagram.

As a studio dedicated to an empathy-driven approach, these guiding principles not only define us but inform our practice; look closely and you can observe these principles in action across our many projects. You’ll see Lesson #7, which emphasizes that the softest voices deserve to be heard. In our work on the Marconi Plaza project in Philadelphia, we facilitated public engagement for a new park plan that embraced inclusivity and diversity.

Or Lesson #4—Landscape is society’s connective tissue. In the realm of public design, we hold the belief that life thrives not within the confines of brick and mortar but in the spaces between buildings. At the Cummins, Inc. Distribution (DBU) Headquarters in Indianapolis, we designed a dynamic landscape that empowers employees to embrace their creativity both indoors and outdoors, providing a versatile work environment that seamlessly blends corporate campus and civic amenity, offering flexible and collaborative spaces within a publicly-accessible, privately-held park that uplifts everyone.

Follow us on Instagram to explore more of our lessons as we celebrate our 10th anniversary throughout the year and learn why we ground our designs in meaningful connections that unite people and places. Or, as we like to say in Lesson #3, we believe in gravity.